“Tide ‘Til I Die” by Madeleine Petti (mixed media on paper, 11/10/2019)

‘Tide ‘Til I Die” by Madeleine Petti, mixed media on paper 11/10/2019

I made this creation during the Alabama vs. LSU game (tragic, I know). The game was just a mess and I couldn’t even watch it. I spent the entire time stress-painting with paint knives and glueing random things down in a frenzy of anxiety. While the game did not turn out the way I wanted it to, I’m so happy with how this picture turned out! I started off painting an abstract background and decided to throw in some crimson red (RTR) with pops of pink to make it a little more girly. The bracelets on the hand are inspired by these bracelets sold at a boutique in T-Town, I believe they are $100 plastic jelly bangles called “Buddha Girl Bangles.” Super over-priced, but super cute in a painting. I added torn strips of pages of “Little Women” to the shaker to add definition. For those of you wondering, there is no significance why I chose to rip up “Little Women.” It was the only book handy that my mother said I could destroy.

Anyways, I’m getting around to post this super late, as it is December 29th, and I only just found this in my “drafts” folder. I’m looking forward to cheering on the Tide against Michigan in the Citrus Bowl on January 1st, which is something new seeing as normally we’d be playing in the Nattys. Since the LSU fiasco, we lost to Auburn as well so now basically I’m depressed and all I can do is stress-paint and shop away my embarrassment of losing to a cow school* and a school where the students smell like corn dogs*. I’ll get over it when we win next year.

Untitled_Artwork 2






* These are memes for Alabama fans not verified #facts


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