The Advice We Need Right Now is From a Fish.

Right now we are living in very, um, trying times, to say the least. I am running low on toilet paper and faith in humanity as my local target still is out of stock on the essentials. I'm confined to my tiny college apartment with the car I share with my sisters a million miles back in Chicago. I have spent the past few days in self-quarantine after an actually pretty isolating spring break with three friends on the gulf. I've really had nothing to do but browse the Internet and eat and sleep. I have always joked about becoming a hermit (I can be very introverted at times), but this is not what I wanted...

“I Feel Like Frida” by Madeleine Petti, acrylic on canvas

Remember how Kanye West had that "I feel like Pablo" merch? It kind of confused me. I assume he was implying Pablo Picasso, as Kayne calls himself "the greatest artist of all time," or whatever. I don't think Kanye nor Picasso is/was the greatest artist that ever existed, but I digress. I painted this painting … Continue reading “I Feel Like Frida” by Madeleine Petti, acrylic on canvas