My Portfolio

One of my favorite pastimes since I could hold a pencil was making art. It was so much fun to just throw on a smock and finger paint everything but the canvas. While my skills have improved, I still have not lost that childish wonder that comes with making a complete mess. Here is a compilation of my favorite art pieces that I’ve created, both digital and mixed media (my favorite). 



I was commissioned by my managers at Lilly Pulitzer to make paintings of them with their dogs. I charge $50 for a digital portrait, which you can purchase here on my Etsy shop. 



I recently started a couple art journals, and these are some of my favorite pieces I’ve made in them using mixed media.



My sorority asked me to make some various projects this past school year (Fall 2018-Spring  2019), including banner and pomp structure designs , instagram stories, and a giant canvas for the chapter room.



These are some of the canvases I have hanging in my apartment at Bama! I was only doing canvas art for a while, but I’ve been getting super bored of it and want to do more fine art like I used to in high school.



All of these pictures but the yellow one are from my art classes in high school. My theme for AP art was self portraits, but I quit the class because my art teacher told me to stop using glitter and collaging. 

Untitled_Artwork 2